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Best lipstick queen black lace rabbit swatch

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Finding the best lipstick queen black lace rabbit swatch for you is not an easy task. It can be a major investment, so that way, we have rounded up the best lipstick queen black lace rabbit swatch that will meet the requirements of different types of shoppers. Check out the list down below!

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  • Pinky Nude is pigment rich, pretty and subtle pink take on nude. Layer Black Lace Rabbit over it to deepen the tone and smoke it up for a sexier version!
  • Black Lace Rabbit can also be worn alone on bare lips, creating a smokey veil over the lips' natural color.
  • Start with a full coverage lipstick shade and then layer our sheer Black Lace Rabbit on top to transform the shade into a sexier, smokier version, with a beautiful pinky nude base.
  • Includes 1 x Black Lace Rabbit 0.12 oz Lipstick and 1 x Pinky Nude Sinner 0.12 oz Lipstick

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