What is a Massage Gun Used For?

A massage gun is used for an individual to efficiently perform Percussive Therapy. This type of massage therapy is a technique that applies rapid, repetitive pressure on specific pain points. Essentially, the massage gun will quickly target a muscle by pounding on the spot. It sounds quite painful in theory, but it is precisely the opposite as it is incredibly relieving and relaxing.

The goal of a massage gun is to give people at home the ability to release tight knots and find relief to muscle pains. In fact, it has been found to reach knots even better than the traditional foam rollers or even human hands.

Now that more people are learning what massage guns can do for them, the tool has become very popular. This means that many brands have flooded the market with their version. But unfortunately, many of them are just trying to get in on the hype and not actually sell high-quality massage guns.

This is not the case with Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun – they are a brand that
developed a tool that will actually help consumers.

Best Massage Gun – Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun

Introducing – The Bob and Brad Massage Gun! This massage gun is new to the market, but it will be the only massage tool you will ever need. Don’t just take our word for it; we already have over 5000 5-star reviews on our flagship model.

Many other massage guns on the market are not designed to actually help the user. On the other hand, Bob and Brad’s ergonomic creation prioritizes the “physical therapy approach,” meaning they’re intentionally built to improve patient and athlete recovery.

The following are some attributes of the Bob and Brad massage gun that demonstrate the tool has the ability to provide relief and is superior to others on the market.

  1. Powerful Performance

The Bob and Brad C2 massage gun have power that is far advanced from any other competitor. This gun gives 2000-3200 RPMs and up to 35lbs of force. While others on the market can provide 30-40lb of force with only 1750-3180. So, unlike many other massage guns, the Bob and Brad Massage gun can actually provide deep tissue relief.

  1. Lightweight Design

The lightweight, portable design of the massage gun was intentional for several reasons. First, the tool is only 1.5lbs, allowing users to travel with it and have relief wherever they go! Secondly, the weight makes it ideal for holding, so there are no strains during your percussive therapy session. Ultimately, it is one of the simplest and lightest massage guns out there!

  1. Noise Reduction

If you’ve ever used a massage gun – chances are the tool you used was unnecessarily loud. Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun has been designed to decrease this problem. Compared to others on the market, the C2 massage gun has a massive noise reduction, giving off just 55db rather than the normal 60-70db.

Final Thoughts

While being super lightweight and quiet, the C2 massage gun is deceptively powerful, giving out high-intensity vibrations that effectively relieve muscle tension while feeling gentle on the skin. If you are on the search for a massage gun that is superior to the rest, check out Bob and Brad C2 Massage Gun.