Vitamin K2 is one of the lesser-known vitamins but has numerous health benefits. Extensive research on vitamin K2 has revealed that it is instrumental in improving cardiovascular health, reducing cancer risk, and preventing bone loss and other ailments. Hence, if you have decided to buy vitamin k2 supplements, it will provide you with several benefits in the long run. If you are not aware of what vitamin K2 can do for your health, read on:

Prevent heart disease

Calcium build-up in heart arteries increases the risk of heart diseases. Vitamin k2 improves the body’s use of calcium and bone development and prevents calcification of blood vessels. Therefore, the intake of vitamin k2 reduces the chances of developing artery calcification and the risks of death from heart diseases. Vitamin k2 is also vital in blood coagulation. It helps synthesize proteins that coagulate blood and prevent external and internal bleeding.

Lowers risk of osteoporosis and improves bone health

Osteoporosis or porous bones is a common ailment among postmenopausal women, making them susceptible to fractures. If you have osteoporosis or are concerned about improving bone health to prevent major health consequences in the future, you must buy vitamin k2 tablets. The role of the vitamin is vital in calcium metabolism. It helps maintain and build bones by activating osteocalcin and matrix GLA. It is also beneficial in slowing the decrease of mineral density in bones caused due to aging. Trials have also shown that vitamin k’s consumption helped prevent new bone fractures and increase bone strength.

Effectiveness in bone metabolism

Human bones comprise the periosteum, a thin and hard outer membrane covering a soft matrix lined with lymphatic and blood vessels. The skeleton goes through repeated turnovers and is replaced entirely in seven to ten years. In this remodeling process, the calcium from the bone gets into the bloodstream. The calcium replacement needs to be regulated by osteoclasts and osteoblasts. The molecule osteocalcin is responsible for taking up the calcium and delivering it
to the bone matrix. The presence of adequate vitamin k2 in the body activates osteocalcin and therefore is crucial in bone formation. Osteocalcin also improves dentin formation, which makes the teeth healthy.

Fighting cancer

Cancer is one of the primary reasons for death in several Western countries. While a cure has been found in modern medicines, the number of cancer cases has not abated. Various studies have hinted that vitamin k2 prevents the risks of liver, breast, and prostate cancer and significantly increases the chances of survival.

Other health benefits

Vitamin k2 deficiency results in improper functioning of MGP and increases blood vessel calcification and the risks of cardiovascular diseases. If you want to prevent cardiovascular complications and have a healthy heart, buy vitamin k2 tablets and include them in your everyday diet.
Postmenopausal women can also derive significant benefits from vitamin K2, which helps maintain the elasticity of blood vessels. It is a blood coagulant and can save you from fatal accidents. A daily intake of 90 ugs of Vitamin K2 for women and 120 ugs for men, along with vitamin D3, can improve calcium absorption, bone mineralization, and density.
Vitamin K2 can effectively improve heart and bone health and prevent various health complications. You can experience significant improvement in health and body functions by regularly using the vitamin in the right amount.

Author: Kiara Mac